Site surveying

We survey your buildings and external facilities at the desired degree of precision (control measurement, full measurement). We survey all technical facilities including inventory and fittings.
We use our MobiDEK-system to guarantee swift and precise measuring. Our mobile building information system enables instant transfer of our measurement data to the CAD application via Bluetooth. This is used to create a floor diagram including all object informations.

Digitization in iffmCAD

We use measurements, existing vector diagrams or pixel graphics as sources for creating vector floor diagrams.

Building plans: Floor diagrams, views, Escape- and Rescueplans , lease plans
Area plans: Land register maps, site and green area maps, and ground plans for fire brigade use

Green areas are recorded and vectorised by means of sterephotogrammetric analysis of aerial views.

Bar code

Bar codes are installed in rooms, on inventory and other items for identification purpose. Existing bar codes can also be imported into the system. The bar code labels are generated by iffmGIS.

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