As a visual building information system, iffmGIS is a powerful CAFM system that uses state-of-the-art database and CAD technology for efficient facilities management and marketing.
Chart documents such as land register maps, site and inventory plans are directly linked to facilities, buildings, technical installations, etc. and facilitate comprehensive recording and evaluation by individual client machines. As an integrated all-round solution, iffmGIS is directly involved in the process.

iffmCAD is a CAD program that integrates iffmGIS but can also be used as a standalone application. In iffmCAD you can create and edit your vector diagrams.

It includes Interfaces to common CAD and database solutions, financial accounting databases or for embedding selected database and process control systems. At the same time data can be transferred across the Internet or intranet and used there. With its development capacities and object-oriented project planning iffmGIS guarantees necessary adaptations to specific organisational processes of the user.

User interface

iffmGIS features an intuitive user interface.

Arbeitsbereich iffmGIS
Default interface iffmGIS

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